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Our vision is for cohousing for everyone who wants it!  CoHo-US is hosting an online conference exploring affordable approaches to cohousing.  Ralston Creek cohousers will be attending together at a member’s house.  All are welcome to join us.  We’ll cover your registration and a buffet lunch.  Come for all or part of the conference.  RSVP to Arnelle at 303-518-2662 or arnelle.burg@comcast.net.Internet

Conference Schedule

10:00 Welcome

10:30 Connection Breakouts

11:00 Keynote

11:30 Session 1

12:30 Break and Conversation

1:00 Session 2

2:00 Break and Conversation

2:30 Closing and Take Aways

3:00 Open Discussions

4:00 End of Conference


Find out more about the conference at https://www.cohousing.org/2020-online-affordable/