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photo of the "Beach" at Geos


That lovely strip of grassy expanse between Geos and the Ralston Creek Trail?  That is “The Beach.”  It’s a building-free zone that will border the Gatehouse on the south, the home of Ralston Creek CoHousing.

Our next Community Meal will be held at the Beach, celebrating the end of the summer along Ralston Creek.

Geos Goat

This Geos goat is on the lookout for weeds.

Ralston Creek CoHousing members will bring the food; you bring your appetite and enthusiasm.  RSVP to malinche@bakersdozen.biz.


We’ll follow up the picnic with moving the goats!  They go to a new “pasture” of weeds every month or so.  It’s a blast to move them around and we’ll be doing it after the picnic.