Although I grew up near Pittsburgh, I’ve called Colorado home for 21 years, which I believe qualifies me for “semi-native” status. I love it here and plan to stay forever.

I stumbled upon co-housing by way of an article in the local paper and a light bulb immediately went off that this was a great fit for my life. My current home, also in Arvada, is in a wonderful neighborhood, but I miss the sense of community and closeness with my neighbors that I feel co-housing would fulfill. The RCCH group is very impressive in their dedication, hard work and organization and I’m excited to see how this develops as plans move forward. Carol Lubich

I currently work full time as a registered nurse at UC Health in the Neurology clinic, but have worked in many medical specialties, including Newborn ICU, Labor and Delivery, Poison Control and Denali National Park clinic in Alaska. I’ve probably got a few more years of work ahead of me, but in my free time, I love to explore Colorado (especially hot springs!), read, travel (curtailed due to COVID right now),volunteer at our local animal shelter, sip wine and raise Monarch butterflies.