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Geos Goats & HumansCome join the crew move the goats for their March move. We’ll follow with cider and coffee for the goat crew and their supporters.  In April we switch to cold drinks! Anyone who wants to help with the goats is welcome, and the rest of us can cheer them on!

Geos doesn’t mow the weeds in the areas where the houses haven’t been built yet. We have goats to keep them under control. They move with their fencing around the property, munching on the grass and fascinating the neighborhood children (and their parents). A group of dedicated Geos and Ralston Creek Cohouser goat keepers get together to move their fences to a new “pasture” every few weeks.

If you don’t know where the goats are, meet at Tori’s Townhouse and she’ll send you out to the goats.