We did not know we wanted to meet each other but here we are, creating an intentional community where decisions come from the collective genius of its members talents and experiences. Ralston Creek Cohousers are a group of people who ended up with a common vision.

Victoria Baker

I am a nurse-midwife with four sons, but I have never been pregnant. I have one of those newfangled families, so you’ll just have to ask me for the details. I have practiced obstetrics and public health nursing in New York City, Los Angeles, Nicaragua, and Denver. Now I teach nurse-midwives and nurse practitioners on the web. I live in Colorado, but my students and colleagues live all over the US, and sometimes beyond! I enjoy sewing, reading, and movies, especially superhero movies. I love that Wonder Woman got her own movie. Finally! I like to go out to eat with the kids and grandkids. Most of all, I like to snuggle with my spouse (Bob Clemans) or our cats. The kids, the grandkids, the cats, and I all agree that Bob is the best backscratcher ever.

I can’t wait for the Gatehouse to open and I can move in with the rest of the Ralston Creek CoHousers! We have been working with Norbert, our developer, watching him create a walkable, sustainable community of new neighbors and friends for me to meet.  Read More…

Bob Clemans

I am retired now, and I spend lots of visiting friends, traveling with my wife (Tori Baker), and hanging out with our 6 grandkids. Before I retired I had an interesting career, where I developed an ecological consulting firm, taught high school, supervised a biological pest control lab, and managed data and made maps for the US Forest Service. I love to hike, hunt, and fish. I have taught hunter education to Colorado’s youth for more than 30 years. I am building a muzzle loading rifle to shoot at competitions held at reenactments of mountain man trading rendezvous.

The sustainability technology of Geos fascinates me. I hope that our community built on leading edge technology will provide leadership in Colorado and beyond for low impact living. I look forward to working with others over the years as Ralston Creek and Geos roll out into a global example of a walkable, sustainable neighborhood.

Norbert Klebl

I have had the great fortune to bring together my passion for sustainability and community with my skills as a businessperson and an engineer. I worked in international business for 25 years. Then I began to design low-impact housing developments, starting with a resort in Western Samoa. I followed my son to Colorado nearly 20 years ago, and I love the outdoors opportunities to bike, hike, and ski. I have been contributing technology to co-housing and single family developments in Colorado for the last 15 years. The Geos Neighborhood in Arvada is my vision of a Smart Living Community thriving sustainably, with healthy homes and residents. Having grown up in Austria, I value a close-knit community, where everyone walks to friends, family, and services. Ralston Creek CoHousing already feels like home. We members embrace sustainability, walkability, and community. We design for the greater good, and each of its parts shines.

Jannette Wesley

Jannette Wesley and Alice Sharp

Jannette Wesley
I am a retired librarian and records manager.  My career was mainly spent in the federal government with the US Geological Survey and the National Park Service.  I keep physically active by walking and practicing yoga.  In order to stay healthy I routinely cook low carb, gluten free, and dairy free meals.  I love being retired and traveling more throughout the US and to foreign destinations.  Living in Colorado enables me to enjoy wonderful outdoor activities: gardening, hiking, botanizing, photography and bird watching.  I belong to a Great Books Discussion Group and enjoy sharing different interpretations of the classics that enhance my appreciation and understanding.  Mom and I have season tickets to the Colorado Symphony, Opera Colorado, and especially enjoy contemporary modern dance concerts.  I volunteer for Roxborough State Park and Bear Creek Park.  Time spent with great friends and my wonderful family is cherished.

Alice Sharp
I live with my daughter, Jannette. I worked as a librarian at the Colorado Historical Society before retirement. I enjoy classical music, Shakespeare, reading, and quilting. Currently I am a member of the DAR and regularly attend fitness classes. I have traveled in the U.S., Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, and Japan. I love to watch birds and enjoy raising flowers.

Joan Barrett

I moved to Denver a few years after college with a degree in nursing and a love of travel.  I planned to work in Colorado for a couple years and then move on to other cool places, experiencing the world.  However every time I considered going elsewhere, the pull and love of Colorado and my friends kept me happily here. It’s so beautiful and I feel lucky to have landed in a place that feels so right for me.

I bought a house built in 1898 and have renovated and refreshed it several times in the almost 40 years I have called it home.  The old homes on our block have porches and no garages.  We sit out in the evening, we see each other come and go and we are more connected than most neighborhoods.  We were especially so when the children were little.

I love the connection and caring that we built in our neighborhood.  As children grew up and neighbors moved on, that connection has become diluted.  I have a few friends that live in Cohousing communities and have considered making the move to Cohousing over several years.  I still love my home and my neighbors and yet the pull of creating intentional community particularly with this group of caring, committed and creative people is stronger.  Living in a carbon neutral home is also a big plus.

I haven’t downhill skied in years, but would like to get back to it.  Now part time at work, there is more time for playing, hiking, traveling with friends and cooking up all kinds of fun “without adult supervision.”  When we move in I will bring along my insane cat and the sweet one too.  I’m pleased my daughter is also joining us at Ralston Creek and wouldn’t mind at all if a few dear friends joined us too (hint)!

Lisa Barrett

As you will soon see, if it has four legs (or even three, we don’t judge here!) and a tail, I am sure to love it. I have a grumpy old man of a horse named Lucky, who lives two miles up the road from Geos. Lucky is basically my big dog; he is retired from riding, but loves to get brushed, babied, go for walks and hang out with his horse buddies. I have a nutty orange tabby cat named Pirate Jack and will hug and fuss over your dogs. I like writing stories and am taking some writing classes as I begin the process of plotting something I would eventually like to publish. I like the idea of community and developing relationships as we build our community. I’m drawn to Geos for several reasons. The location is particularly appealing as it is on the creek with miles of walking trails and access to nature.

Angie Garcia-Colomo

I am a native of Spain. I was raised in a small village near Madrid, a community where everybody new everybody. When my immediate family moved to the big city I realized that living in community was not the norm but the exception. I went to college without a clear purpose and ended up majoring in English. While working as an English teacher in a School built, financed and run by the teachers, I decided to go to the USA with my husband Patrick. After landing in Florida we ended up in Las Vegas where I received my masters in Spanish and worked as a teaching assistant.

I moved to Denver in the early 80’s as a High School Spanish Teacher. I left teaching and found a part time job working for the airline industry.

I consider myself a good cook but my hobbies are dancing, bicycling, hiking and traveling. Among my travels the one that stands out is the one I went with Patrick to Nepal and helped with basic needs education for adults and children of the community. Now that I am older I would like to return to live in a close knit community.

Patrick van Leare

I grew up with five siblings on a small farm in Iowa. My first time in college took me to Mexico and Spain. I met Angie in Madrid and my year abroad eventually turned in two and a half. After a variety of jobs I went back to school for another degree, this time in the sciences at UNLV. I was recruited to teach bilingual science in Denver after giving up on my graduate degree. Although I enjoy teaching I couldn’t adapt to the public school environment and ended up in the brokerage business from which I retired at 45. I sometimes describe myself as a professional investor since that’s where most of my income derives. My hobbies are travel, ballroom dancing, and blackjack. Since leaving my job I’ve taught Spanish and English, volunteered with Youth For Understanding (YFU), and currently tutor the GED for The Learning Source. Angie and I started looking into cohousing after seeing an ad on a local bulletin board. We visited a number of communities here and in North Carolina and decided it was a great way to live. It’s well know that, like all primates, humans need regular social interaction to thrive. That became difficult after retiring and getting older. Extended families and small communities are how people lived historically and I believe it’s how they are happiest. We finally settled on Ralston Creek because we liked the Gatehouse concept and its energy efficiency. Perhaps most importantly we like the personalities and dynamic of the founding members.

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