Ralston Creek Cohousing will be structured financially and legally as a homeowners association (HOA). But, as cohousers, we are so much more! We will run our own association, in charge of every aspect of our life. Each of us will commit to participate in one or two teams that manage some aspects of our community—from financial and legal issues to gardens and grounds. We will administer our own common house, make our own decisions about systems and buildings, and decide together how to enhance our community. We will participate in common meals and other social events.

Self-management empowers residents, builds community, and saves money. If this sounds like it’s for you, come along! By joining us early in the process you will have a voice in how we make agreements to work together, as well as the design for our common spaces.

The earlier you join, the more say you have, and the higher up you are on the list for choosing units in the Gatehouse. So, why wait?

Levels of  Membership

COMMUNITY CHATRalston Creek CoHousing has several levels of membership.

  1. Social invitations extended for several events and interaction with members with invitation to become an Explorer Member.
  2. An Explorer Member invests $250* as a non-refundable deposit entitling them to a minimum of three months and a maximum of six months of participation in business meetings, social events and one on one meetings with members. This is to provide an opportunity for us to get to know each other. Explorers have no decision making ability but are encouraged and expected to participate. When an Explorer member is interested in moving forward with us, and the community reaches consensus to invite the Explorer to become a Full member, their $250 will be applied to Full membership.
  3. Full Members
    1. Full members invest $1,300 (non-refundable and currently being used for marketing/website/professional fees), receive their place in line for selecting a unit and begin full participation with the ability to have input into all aspects of community building, Gatehouse (the name of our cohousing building) decisions and the gradual development of bylaws and rules. The order of choosing the location of units in the Gatehouse is determined by the date you become a Full member.
    2. When the land is bought and the builder takes out a construction loan, the Full Members put down earnest money, committing themselves to buy their specific unit by a specific date for a specific price.  This helps the builder get the loan and keeps down the cost of the units by eliminating marketing costs.

This Path to Membership document is subject to change without notice.

Join Us! Contact Ralston Creek Cohousing about membership and we will get back to you.