bikers on creek trailHere are some answers to questions we frequently receive.

What is our Timeline?

  • We need 12 families to move forward with architectural drawings, permitting, and qualifying for construction financing. We are getting close.
  • Once we have those drawings and a loan, we expect to move in about 18 months later.
  • At that point, we can start advertising in real estate media for the rest of the units. We know they will go fast!

deb and dogWill we have pets?

Absolutely! Our current members love animals, and most of us have pets. But, we haven’t written our bylaws yet, so we haven’t figured out exactly where the other species will be hanging out in the physical spaces.

How can I join?


We have several paths to membership. Start where you feel comfortable. Learn More

What’s special about a cohousing common house?

  • That’s where we get together. We will have groups meals there together, probably several times a week. Some cohousers set those up as group cooking events (in our commercial sized kitchen!) and some do potlucks. We have not decided about that yet.
  • We ice creamhold other community activities there, too, parties, meetings, and the like. But, unlike community centers where people who don’t know each other just schedule use of the facility, we will be planning events together and carrying them out in our own community center.
  • We will administer our own housing association, not hire a company to run it from outside. And doing it together is part of how we’ll get to know one another.
  • We’re designing it now! Come help us decide what facilities we want to have.

Where Can I Find Out More About CoHousing?

Creating CohousingThere’s lots of information at the CoHousing Association of the United States website,
Many have written books about cohousing. Some we recommend include (in no particular order):