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Discover Geos, Where the Homes Energy Costs are Essentially Zero -the article features a section about Ralston Creek cohousing.  Read the article
July 2, 2020

The Story of Ralston Creek CoHousing and Geos

The Story of Ralston Creek CoHousing and Geos

Find out about net zero living and cohousing in our live Facebook Interview with the developer of Ralston Creek Cohousing, Norbert Klebl.

Posted by Ralston Creek CoHousing on Sunday, March 1, 2020

Norbert Klebl & Tori Baker

Norbert & Tori talk about Geos and Ralston Creek CoHousers.

Where the Cool Kids Go

Image of an outdoor bar and grill in Arvada.

Arvada has been named one of the “coolest suburbs in America” by home and decor site Apartment Therapy.  Read about Arvada’s many virtues as a place to live.  The Denver Business Journal agrees.

News Interviews

CBS Denver (Channel 4 News)

News 4 Logo

Cohousing Project Brings Neighbors Together & Helps Environment.

ARVADA, Colo. (CBS4) – The newest cohousing space in Colorado is ready to break ground, but the residents have already been fostering relationships for years.

“We are creating our neighborhood before it’s even built,” said Norbert Klebl. “We are spending a lot of time with each other.”

Cohousing has been in Colorado for decades, but the Geos Project is unique, offering residents the highest level of energy efficiency. Cohousing focuses on relationships with neighbors because of shared spaces and shared activities.

“We are still forming the community, and so I can help make decisions about what’s going to be in the cohousing community, how it’s forming, how we’re going to live within it, which is exciting,” said Lacey Ankenman Geoswho is planning to join the Ralston Creek Cohousing community.
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Arvada Press

Arvada Press logo

Arvada group aims to create community with cohousing: Ralston Creek Cohousing will be part of the Geos neighborhood.

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Patch News

Arvada Co-Housing Group Seeks Likeminded Investors: Small living units with shared common spaces, completely energy efficient, are the dream of the Ralston Creek CoHousers

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KGNU Radio

KNGU Radio logo

Green Co-Housing Development Planned for Arvada

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Press Releases

Urban Green Living on the Rise: The Promise of Ralston Creek Cohousing
Rightsizing: Smaller Scale Units for Millennials and Seniors Seeking Community
Rightsizing Panel PR


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