The Rayback Collective (Boulder’s Backyard)

If you’ve been around me in the last couple years, there’s a possibility that I’ve talked your ear off about a growing movement called Cohousing, which you can think of as a modern-day version of small-village living. It started in Denmark in the 70s and now there are a handful of cohousing communities right in our backyard.

In cohousing, residents have their own house/condo, and they share a common space with neighbors. In the process, they create a strong community network, which is known to help people live longer, happier lives. (Have you seen the documentary ‘Happy’? Exactly.)

I’m beyond excited that I’ve found the crew at Ralston Creek Cohousing (RCCH) in Arvada, CO that is in the process of forming a community right along the Ralston Creek Trail. Wonderful people, great location, a solid plan to move forward, and on top of all that: environmentally friendly homes.

A bit about decarbonized homes: You don’t have to sacrifice comfort or live off-grid to reduce your carbon footprint. Instead, build smart. The units in the RCCH development use NO fossil fuels to operate, and the amount of self-generated electricity they do use is comparable to a hair dryer. Good for the utility bill, great for the environment.

Intrigued? We’re looking for more people to join—all ages, all family configurations (fur-babies included, of course.) The people that get in at this stage have a voice in how the community is built, so now is the time for all you visionaries out there! If you’re interested in learning more, hit me up! We’re also planning a Food, Drink and Conversation gathering at Rayback Collective, 2775 Valmont Rd. in Boulder in Tuesday, Oct.2nd and a potluck in Lakewood on Saturday, Oct. 13.

Upcoming events are: